5 Misconceptions about Vegans

In my 16 years of being vegan and all of that time spent working in the plant based food industry both in hospitality and CPG, I’ve heard my fair share of odd comments about vegans. There are a ton of misconceptions out there about vegans, and I’d like to share some of the most common I’ve heard...and do my best to debunk them.  

Vegans are weak
Ever heard the expression “Strong as an ox?”  You guessed it, oxen are vegan.  As are Gorillas, Elephants, Rhinos and this guy.

Vegans don’t get enough protein
The above answer would also squash this misconception.  Do you think an elephant isn’t getting enough protein in his or her diet?

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, “Protein deficiency is almost unheard of in the United States. It’s easy to get all the protein you need without eating meat, dairy, or eggs.”

Vegans aren’t real men (code for lacking virility)
If you’ve seen The Game Changers you know where we’re going here.  Virility is about blood flow...everywhere, if you catch our drift.  Keeping your arteries and veins clean and clear is one of the core benefits of a plant-based diet, as is entertainingly demonstrated by Dr. Spitz and a group of college athletes in The Game Changers. 

Vegans don’t get enough calcium
This myth has been generated and reinforced by the dairy industry and the “Got Milk” campaign and is now deeply rooted in the American psyche.  Fact is: it’s just not true.  Vegans can easily get enough calcium, calcium that is often more easily absorbed than dairy derived calcium through greens, beans and fortified foods. You can learn more here.

These are some of the most common I’ve heard.  There are surely many more.  What misconceptions have you heard?

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