Best Vegan Meals We’ve Ever Had

Being vegan for many, many years and working in the plant-based food industry for just as long, we have had our share of remarkable, all vegan meals.  A few of them stand out and will always be with us.  We may not remember all the details but the feeling of bliss and being fully satiated in mind, body and soul from these culinary experiences will last a lifetime.

Vedge - Philadelphia

Ten years ago it didn’t seem possible that Philly could be the vegan hotbed it is today. But that all changed in 2011 when Chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby opened up Vedge.  We first ate there a few years later as the Philly vegan scene was beginning to take hold.  We enjoyed a mind blowing meal of whole food, plant based dishes that ran the gamut from grilled carrots, celery root and pretzels with an unbelievable vegan cheese dip.  A stellar dry riesling helped to wash it all down

Del Posto

Speaking of ahead of its time Del Posto and Chef Mark Ladner had an unreal vegan tasting menu.  If you’re not familiar with Del Posto it was the fine dining jewel of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s restaurant empire (before things went very bad.) The meal was packed with Italian vegan dishes made to the highest level.  Including risotto mixed table side and fresh truffles shaved in large quantities right onto housemade pappardelle.

Plant Food & Wine - Miami (now called Plant Miami)

All raw and all ridiculously good.  With a menu and restaurant designed by Matthew Kenney and Chef Scott Winegard the dining experience at PFW Miami was sublime.  Located inside the Sacred Space, a walled oasis in the middle of Miami’s Wynwood district, the surreal, fresh cuisine is perfectly paired with the beauty of the venue.  Raw cheese plate with blue cheese marbled with spirulina, kimchi dumplings, live heirloom lasagna and decadent tiramisu. 

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