Egg-less Potato Pancake Options

Happy Hanukkah to friends who are celebrating this week.

Ready to rock out on the latkes (aka potato pancakes)? The traditional Hanukkah recipe calls for lots of vegan friendly ingredients, like potatoes, onions, some matzo meal and a healthy dose of seasoning, but they usually also call for something not-so-plant-based: eggs. Here are our favorite egg subs for your vegan latke extravaganza:

Just Egg: Just substitute the recommended portion for the quantity of eggs your recipe would normally call for!

Aquafaba: The easiest way to get this starchy liquid from chickpeas is to pop open a can. Strain it and boil it til it reduces and thickens. Then cool and use like you would eggs.

Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer: Quick and easy. Follow the instructions on the bag to create the amount of "egg" you need for your recipe. 

Skip the eggs: Latkes can, in fact, be made without the eggs, but will be flakier and may fall apart slightly more in the frying step. But ever so delish, of course.

To diversify your plants in this seasonal celebration, try sweet potato pancakes or even mix your potato with well drained zucchini shreds. Serve your pancakes with vegan toppings like apple sauce and scallions, and get back to spinning that dreidel.


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