You want a vegan taste adventure? So did we.
That's why we created Cool Beans.

Cool Beans, aside from a catch phrase, is whole food, plant-based, minimally processed ingredients and delicious globally-inspired flavors, all wrapped up snug in a gluten-free wrap for your taste enjoyment. Balanced vegan eating in minutes? Yah, that's cool!

We're not just stopping with wraps. Our vision at Cool Beans is to make eating plant-based easier, healthier, and more accessible to all by creating the first family of whole food, plant- based products for the frozen aisle. We believe whole food, plant-based nutrition is key to improving the health of your body and the environment. Oh, and it'll save a ton of animals, too.

Cool Beans is the brainchild of our super cool founder Tyler Mayoras and a group of like minded folks. Tyler is a long-time investor in food and agriculture, who discovered the (scary) underbelly of the food industry first hand. Change came quickly to his food mindset when he heard the shocking stat that more than 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions are traced to animal agriculture. (Yeah that blew our minds, too!)

First came Meatless Monday, then flexitarian time, then full-fledged plant-based eating. It all landed him a healthy (and healthful) 25 pounds slimmer and fully committed to his new vegan diet. It also led to hours of home cooking adventures and an aha! moment. After spying what looked like vegan junk food on grocery store shelves, he wondered where was all the healthy plant-based food?

Out came the pots and pans. Tyler started making frozen wraps at home filled with clean, whole food ingredients...specifically beans, for all their protein-and-fiber goodness. The rest, as they say, is history. Really cool history if you ask us.


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