Answers to burning Cool Beans questions

Why beans?

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We’re on a mission to inspire healthy change in both what we eat and how food is made. Not only nutritious, beans do not tax the environment or our digestive systems the way meat consumption does – in fact, legume plants replenish topsoil with nitrogen. This recapture makes nitrogen available for other plants rather than needing to add liquid nitrogen that is created by burning a huge amount of fossil fuels.

What type of beans do you use?

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To appeal to vegans and aspiring vegans alike, we use whole beans. Specifically, chickpeas (Tikka Masala), black eyed peas (Spicy Chipotle) and kidney beans (Moroccan Gold). Delicious and satisfying, our beans are “whole foods” which means we use all of their nutritious and fibrous skin and outer layers in our wraps. When you eat whole beans (and whole grain rice) you get more nutrition because their natural goodness remains intact.

Do you have a favorite?

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Isn’t that like picking a favorite child? We love all our wraps equally but in different ways. As each wrap offers whole pieces of clean, plant-based ingredients, we know you will love them too.

What’s the deal with regenerative agriculture?

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Regenerative agriculture is returning to our roots…farming in a way that not only produces nutritious foods but that ensures the environment, soil and water is protected. Rotating crops that all provide different nutrients to the soil and provide a balanced system that enhances the soil is the healthier way both for humans and the environment.

Through partnerships we are actively working on, we hope to soon source more and more ingredients from farms practicing regenerative agriculture. If you happen to be farming chickpeas, black eyed peas or kidney beans with regenerative agriculture practices, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note at behappy@eatcoolbeans.com.

Whoa - are you really gluten free?!

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After taste testing wrap after wrap and being less than impressed, we decided to create our own. We can say wholeheartedly that it’s made with gluten free ingredients and it’s 100% delicious. We are also dairy free, egg free, vegan certified and non-GMO!

How long will it take Cool Beans Wraps to arrive at my home?

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Orders are generally shipped as follows. Orders received Monday - Wednesday will be shipped out the following day. Orders received Thursday - Sunday will be shipped out on the following Monday. All orders are shipped 2-Day. Products should be unpacked immediately upon receipt and put into the freezer. Please be careful unpacking the dry ice as contact with the skin will freeze cells and cause injury similar to a burn.

Do cows and chickens like Cool Beans Wraps?

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Animals love us and we love animals. That’s why we do not farm their meat, sticking instead to plant-based protein sources. Note: we do not overtly recommend feeding Cool Beans Wraps to a cow, chicken, sheep or other farmed animal, although we bet they would love them too.

So how do I prepare Cool Beans Wraps?

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Keep frozen until ready to cook. Then, you bring the heat.

  • 1. Remove overwrap.
  • 2. Wrap loosely in moist paper towel. For Spicy Chipotle and Moroccan Gold, microwave on HIGH for 1 minute 30 seconds. For Tikka Masala, microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds.
  • 3. Flip and heat additional 1 minute 30 seconds.

For food safety cook to 165°F internal temperature. Microwave times may vary. Caution: Product will be hot.

In other words, just microwave and enjoy. Beep. Beep. Done!

Are wraps and only wraps your thing?

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Cool Beans has launched with wraps, but more whole-foods, plant-based products are in the works. Stay tuned! Better yet, sign up to our email list to stay in the loop.


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