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About Us

Cool Beans isn't just a catch phrase anymore. We are whole food, plant-based, minimally processed ingredients and delicious globally-inspired flavors, all wrapped up in a gluten-free wrap for your taste enjoyment. 

We believe whole food, plant-based nutrition is key to improving the health of your body and the environment (and saving a ton of animals, too!).  And our vision is to make eating plant-based easier, healthier, and more accessible to all.

Our team - led by our founder Tyler - discovered the (scary) underbelly of the food industry first hand. So first came Meatless Monday, then flexitarianism, then full-fledged plant-based eating. Frustrated with what looked like vegan junk food on grocery store shelves, and tired of spending hours cooking, he wondered 'where is all the healthy plant-based food'? Tyler started making frozen wraps at home filled with clean, whole food ingredients...specifically beans, for all their protein-and-fiber goodness. The rest, as they say, is history. Really cool history if you ask us.


Our Sustainability Pledge

Minimizing our impact on Planet Earth is wired into our DNA at Cool Beans. That scary underbelly, you ask? 16% to 19% of all greenhouse gases in the US are caused by animal agriculture – more than all the cars and trucks on the road! It is not just the animals, but all the inputs needed to raise those animals including using 65% of our farmland to grow their feed and the carbon-intensive fertilizers needed to grow those crops.

At Cool Beans, our products adhere to three key climate-related principles:

100% Plant-Based - Because we wanted to be part of the climate solution and not part of the problem, all of our products would be 100% vegan.

Built around the Mighty Bean - Legumes are both an incredible superfood and eco-warriors, pulling carbon out of the air and sequestering it into the soil. As one of the few plants that put nitrogen into the soil they are key for healthy crop rotation and healthy soil. Planting more beans in rotation reduces the need for carbon-intensive, liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

Diversity of Plants - The Earth’s biodiversity is key to human survival on the planet. Plant diversity incentivizes farmers to grow a variety of plants and is a key tenet behind regenerative agriculture; each plant puts different nutrients into the soil for other plants. Our first five Cool Beans wraps contain 24 different plants. 

We're proud of the products we have created, and they leave a much lower carbon footprint than similar animal-product wraps. Using the carbon footprint calculator at, we calculate that our Spicy Chipotle burrito creates 92% less greenhouse gases than the leading steak and cheese burrito!


We are committed to sustainability.

We continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint further and hopefully will become climate positive in the future. We continue to search for compostable or biodegradable packaging, and are eager for that technology to be readily available in the frozen aisle. We're on high alert, seeking other ways to positively benefit the climate, biodiversity and waste to help restore our planet for a sustainable and healthy future.

Thanks for joining us on this remarkable journey.

Stay cool friends!



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