Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

New to being vegan this year, or just looking for some tips and tricks to reduce animal product consumption this Holiday season? We've got your back (and your stomach) with a series of vegan substitutes for holiday meal and ingredient faves. From the most basic to the "who knew you could do that", check out some of the vegan choices from Team Cool Beans below:

Wholly Wholesome vegan pies and pie shells
Truwhip vegan whipped topping

Roasts - subbing in for turkey and other meat roasts:
Field Roast
Very Good Butchers

Cooking Ingredients


vegetable bouillon and mushroom gravy cubes
*note: other items are not vegan
Amy’s vegan mushroom bisque (sub for cream of mushroom soup in casseroles)
Better Than Bouillon
rimal Kitchen Mushroom Gravy
Imagine Foods Wild Mushroom Gravy

Marshmallows: go ahead and get down with that candied yam goodness

 vegan marshmallows
Yummalo (vegan marshmallows only, other products not vegan) - sub for marshmallow topping on candied yams

Vegan Butters, Cheeses & Dressings:

Earth Balance Sticks
Earth Balance Spreads
Earth Balance Dressings
Miyokos vegan butter and cheese
Follow Your Heart veganaise
Chosen Foods vegan mayo

Meat & Sausage Substitutes:

Meatless Farm
Field Roast
Quorn meatless chicken fillets
Quorn meatless chicken pieces
Wholesome Provisions

Side Dishes: 

Core & Rind cheese sauce 
Edward & Sons vegan instant mashed potatoes
Field Roast vegan mac & cheese
Gardein vegan soups
Annie’s vegan mac & cheese
Banza vegan mac & cheese

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