Eat for the Planet Podcast

Tyler joined Nil Zacharias on the Eat for the Planet! podcast to talk all things agriculture, climate change, plant diversity and more. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is Cool Beans and why Tyler decided to focus on building a food company with beans at its core.

  • The challenge of building a new category based on the philosophy of using simple ingredients with minimal processing and with no oil and sugar added.

  • Why taste matters and how Tyler and his team formulated the products to be packed with flavor, without compromising on their efforts to stay minimally processed.

  • Shifting the mainstream food media narrative from biotech to beans.

  • The problem with monocultures and why we need more crop diversity in our food system.

  • Why soil health matters for our health and the environment.

  • Transforming the conventional American food culture of convenience and burgers to include beans.

  • Are alternatives proteins just the first wave of plant-based products?

  • Why Tyler believes healthy, whole plant-food based products is where the market is heading.

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